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XG Firewall
The next thing in next-gen

Ultimate enterprise firewall performance, security, and control. The all-new Sophos Firewall OS integrates all the advanced networking, protection, user, and app controls you need to stay secure and compliant.

The ultimate network security package

With bandwidth requirements constantly increasing, network security appliances need to do more than ever before. The Sophos SG Series appliances are built to provide optimal performance, versatility and efficiency to meet all your security needs.

Secure Wi-Fi
Super secure, super wi-fi


Sophos APs are built on enterprise-class 802.11n and 802.11ac chipsets, with custom designed antennas, extra CPU and memory resources and hardware accelerated encryption.

Secure Web Gateway
Complete web protection everywhere

Secure Web Gateway

Our purpose-built secure web gateway appliance makes web protection simple. It provides advanced protection from today’s sophisticated web malware with lightning performance that won’t slow users down. And you get full control and instant insights over all web activity on your network

Secure Email Gateway
Simple protection for a complex problem

Secure Email Gateway

Our purpose-built secure email gateway is an all-in-one solution for email encryption, DLP, anti-spam and threat protection. It provides advanced protection from today’s sophisticated spear phishing attacks and gives you full control over data leaving your organization via email.

Phish Threat
Email phishing test simulation and training

Sophos Phish Threat

Your end users are the most likely target for malware attacks. Keep your information safe with effective security awareness testing and training. Automate defense education for your users with routine campaigns, training, follow-up, and reporting.

Endpoint Protection
Comprehensive security for users and data


Endpoint protection gets personal. It’s personal because it’s all about protecting the end user and not just a laptop or a mobile device. You get everything you need to protect your users, on every device, everywhere they go. And it’s not only personal, it’s easier to buy, deploy, and manage too.

Intercept X
A completely new approach to endpoint security

Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware—even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. And once ransomware gets intercepted, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states.

Sophos Mobile
Countless devices, one solution

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile Control is the simplest way to enable secure mobile productivity and collaboration for your business.

SafeGuard Encryption
Protecting your data, wherever it goes

SafeGuard Encryption

Only Sophos gives you industrial-strength encryption for your users’ computers, their shared folders, removable media and to the cloud. All this from a single agent and management

Server Protection
Security optimized for servers

Server Protection

One license includes agentless antivirus for vShield and our full antivirus Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac. Manage them all through the easy-to-use Enterprise Console. It’s server security made simple, only from Sophos.